This can mean so many different things:

Owning your womanly curves and sensuality.

Grace and strength.

Claiming healthy ownership of your body after age or illness.

Letting go of your past and loving yourself today.

 It describes the women I most admire. It describes what I see in my clients. It describes who I want to be.

Beauty has nothing to do with rail-thin bodies and perfectly toned skin. It is not something that can be lost with age, or stolen by violence or illness. It is not a sign of weakness or submission.

Beauty is found in the woman who carries herself with the quiet strength that comes from having faced adversity and won. It is found in the woman who treats those around her with kindness and respect, who isn’t afraid to laugh with her children, dance with her husband, and get a little messy, who ages gracefully and is comfortable in her own skin. It is found in laugh lines and curves and a genuine smile. It is found in confidence.

It’s about finally being able to say:

I am